TNT Cattle Company produces dependable  medium weight feeder steers that have been properly preconditioned so as to provide dependable animals for further growth.  By purchasing light weight steers and properly conditioning them for feeding in larger facilities, we allow the producer to worry less about illness and proportional weight gain.  TNT prides itself in its reputation for dependable beef production animals.




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  Onsite Feed production:  

   TNT Cattle company is part of Thornsberry Agricultural Enterprises, owners of AVANCO Feeds.  As a result, we produce our feed at our local mixing facility.  Under the direction of the owner-operator, Dr. R.M. Thornsberry, our feed mixtures are scientifically developed in order to provide the proper nutritional requirements.  We are able to adjust each feed mixture so as to ensure healthy, well built animals with proper proportioning.

  Onsite Veterinary Facility:

    Dr. Thornsberry is a graduate of  University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine, and has practiced large animal medicine for over twenty years.  With a our onsite veterinary facility, we are able to immediately recognize and properly treat any animals that show signs of illness.  Due to Dr. Thornsberry vast knowledge regarding animal health, he is able to make decisions on medical interventions that are safe, and determine the need for pharmaceutical treatment or simple nutritional support.

   TNT Cattle Trucking:

    We own our own cattle truck, thus allowing us to be involved in the transport of many of our steers.  In addition we have several connections with dependable trucking organizations that we have utilized for years.  Prior to loading of each animal, they are weighed and inspected in order to ensure the delivery of feeder steers that meet the buyers expectations and TNT's description. 

  Our Owner-Operator:

    TNT Cattle Company is owned and operated by R.M. Thornsberry D.V.M, M.B.A.  In addition to being a board certified veterinarian, Dr. Thornsberry has expertise in the areas of large animal nutrition and agribusiness.  As 1999's Missouri Cattleman's Association president, Dr. Thornsberry had the opportunity to further become involved in the cattle industry, and even help in making major strides forward for Missouri's cattle industry.  As the owner of AVANCO feeds, Dr. Thornsberry oversees all of the feed production and delivery for TNT Cattle Company.



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     If you are interested in purchasing TNT preconditioned feeder steers, contact us and we will be glad to send you pictures and information involving our current lots.


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