AvanCo Sheep and Goat Feeds

AvanCo's Sheep and Goat Feeds

Sheep Creep

AvanCo knows what it takes to raise healthy sheep and goats.  Our creep feed provides the needed proteins and minerals so as to keep your herd's immune system strong and put weight on faster. 







AvanCo Sheep and Lamb















Goat and Kid Developer

Our Goat and Kid developer serves a two fold purpose: 1)Provide newly weaned goats with the needed energy and nutrients so as to make a smooth transition. 2)Give added strength and health to your current goat herd. 





14-7 for Sheep

Our 14-7 Sheep Mineral is a supplement that gives your sheep the vitamins and minerals that they need to keep strong and healthy.  Made special for sheep, 14-7 is a safe way to supplement your sheep feeds.


Important: 14-7 for Sheep is different than 14-7 for Cattle.  Sheep mineral is contains limited amounts of copper, which in high doses is fatal to sheep. Do not give 14-7 Cattle Mineral to your sheep population.

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