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        Unlike most beef jerky snacks, we utilize strips of 100% beef.  We do not use any byproducts, our beef jerky is made from prime cuts.  Our unique flavor recipes, flavoring methods, and cooking techniques produce a flavorful and perfectly textured food, that takes the concept of beef jerky one step further.  We feel that we produce the only beef jerky snack worthy of the description "gourmet".  Perfect for camping trips, sporting events, road trips, and picnics, Cattle Baron Beef Jerky is nutritious and tastes great.  At 97% fat free, its the perfect anytime snack food.

Cattle King

Cattle King is our traditional flavored jerky and is a perfect blend of sauces and spices, providing a western mesquite flavor with just a little spice. It is not a "hot" beef jerky, and is popular among those who seek a standard flavored beef jerky that has Cattle Baron quality.

Cattle Queen

Cattle Queen is our most popular beef jerky flavor. A perfect mixture of honey and our specially prepared marinades, Cattle Queen is a sweet jerky that has just a bit of spice. Like Cattle King, this jerky is not "hot".

Stud Jerky

For those who enjoy hot and spicy foods, we recommend our Stud Jerky. Our mixture of Cattle Baron marinades, honey, and a variety of different peppers and pepper sauces make for a flavor that suites the name "Stud Jerky" perfectly.


Though our beef jerky is of the highest quality, we at Cattle Baron have made a commitment to sell our products at an affordable price.   With added labor, more expensive ingredients, and extensive research, our products merit prices that exceed those found in the average beef jerky market, however, our prices are lower than most other beef jerky products.

We package our Gourmet Beef Jerky in vacuum sealed clear plastic bags and in 1.25 lb tubs.

The following is a list of our products and prices:

1/2 oz individual package $0.99 per package
1 oz package $1.99 per package
4 oz package $6.99 per package
8 oz package $13.99 per package
1 lb package $26.99 per package
1.125 lb tub (36 1/2 oz pieces) $31.99 per tub

All prices exclude shipping and handling. 

jug1.jpg (60711 bytes)Our jugs of jerky contain 36 one-half ounce pieces.  Each jug is heat sealed, and contains perfectly cut pieces of gourmet beef jerky.  Available in all three of our gourmet flavors.


For those interested in  joining the growing number of Cattle Baron venders, please contact us for wholesale price lists. 

In addition to our own beef jerky products, Cattle Baron is also involved with many other  Missouri Agribusiness food products.  Click here to see our Cattle Baron Beef Jerky/ MO Agribusiness Gift boxes.

We also have special Cattle Baron Beef Jerky packages for fund raisers such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America.  Click here find out more information.


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