Our Facility   


        We are located in Richland, MO, a city in the heart of Ozark Mountain Country.  Our facility operates under conditions that exceed USDA regulations, a production goal that has been an important part of Cattle Baron Beef Jerky since its establishment.  Because our manager and CEO is a licensed Veterinarian, his knowledge allows for insured safety and quality.  Likewise, his experience in the cattle industry ensures that the highest quality beef is used.  We at Cattle Baron desire to produce a beef jerky snack that is suited for those who appreciate gourmet quality.   

Factory1.jpg (57552 bytes)  We use 100% pure USDA certified beef.  At 97% fat free, this allows for a jerky snack that is health conscious and tastes great.  Prior to the addition of our unique Cattle Baron flavor recipes, the meat is stored in sterilized containers like this one.


Factory2.jpg (59187 bytes)        We slice our meat on several high quality slicing machines like this one.  Set to the perfect width, these machines allow for a slice of beef jerky that, when cooked, has an ideal texture and gourmet quality.  These machines are sterilized following each use, illustrating our desire to maintain a germ-free production facility.


Factory3.jpg (55875 bytes)    We have several large cookers that both cook the meat at a very high temperature and removes the bulk of the moisture.  This eliminates any forms of  biological food contaminants and allows for an extended shelf life.  Our cooking methods produce a beef jerky that has increased shelf-life, without compromising the texture.


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