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AvanCo's Specially Formulated Bovine Feeds

    AvanCo has spent thousands of hours formulating feeds that maximize the growth and health of your large animals while at the same time limiting the cost.  This allows for maximum results with minimum per-head-cost.  Each feed is carefully formulated for it's  specific purpose, and AvanCo's quality ensures that each product is the best on the market today. 

    All of our feeds are available in bulk or bagged.  Bagged feed can be purchased at our store located in the heart of the Ozarks, Richland, MO.



Here is a list of our Bovine Feeds:


13%Calf Creep

Our calf creep is an economical way to wean light weight calves as well as fatten heavier animals. With the proper mix of fiber, protein, and minerals, this feed ensures your animal will grow and look better.  With the addition of Chlortetracycline, it is a perfect prophylactic feed to help your animals stay healthy, thus improving productivity.


Johnson's Cow Mix

Specially formulated, our Johnson's Cow Mix provides your herd with necessary nutrients while limiting their intake.  One of our most popular products, JCM is a great supplement for your growing herd.





Cattle Fattener

Our cattle fattener is a  supplement mixed with one goal in mind: maximizing your pasture for placing well proportion weight on your animal.  Cattle Fattener is an affordable weight to optimize the weight gain of you larger animals.




Super Stock 

One of our most versatile feeds, Super Stock is perfect for all of your large animals.  Its strong flavor, and rich nutrients make it an excellent feed for show animals.








Cow Keeper

Cow Keeper is an economical way to provide your large animals with the nutrients their body needs to stay strong and healthy.  In addition, it gives your animals the proper amount of protein and fiber, so as to put additional weight where it is needed most. 




Show Cattle

Our Show Cattle diet has the vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients that help give your show animal the proper proportions so as to score as high as possible.  Animals that are fed or Show Cattle feed have a shinier coat and, overall, look healthier.

16% Starter -Grower

Our 16% Starter-Grower and 16% Calf Grower are formulated to aid the farmer in weaning and starting calves on feed for the first time.  With high energy content and the necessary vitamins, Starter and Starter-Grower ensure a healthy transition.

Bull Developer

AvanCo Bull Developer is a special mix that aids in the development process for young bulls.  With added vitamin E, Bull Grower is a necessity for those farmers intending  to raise a healthy virile bull.


15% 50-50


15% w\ 30 % salt, Salt Mix


AvanCo Bagged Grains

-Cracked, Whole, and -Ground Corn

-Cotton Seed Meal

-Soy Bean Meal

-Whole Oats

High Mag Salt Mix


Sweet Mag


Pink Eye Mineral Mix


Fescue Amplifier

-Fescue Amplifier 1 

-Fescue Amplifier 2 (salt limited)

-Fescue Amplifier 1 & 2 w\ IGR

14-7 Pasture Mineral w\ high mag, Bovatec™, or IGR



Other Manufacturer Feed Products sold at Our Store

-Fescue -CTC Mineral





-Fescue Mineral

-IGR Mineral

-Cattle Mineral BT

-Range Booster 8 BT






-14% Range Cubes

-20% Range Cubes

-17% Alfalfa Pellets

 -Milk Replacer

-Crimped Oats

-Scratch Grains

-Mag Block

-White, Yellow, and TM Block


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