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        Located in Richland, MO, AvanCo Feeds offers high quality feed for all of your agricultural needs.  We have our own bagged feeds for virtually all types of livestock, produced in our advanced feed mixing facility.  In addition we offer products from other distributors including  Tindle, Moorman's, Purina, Mastermix, Vitalix, Rite-Mix, and Purina.  Not only do we keep in stock bagged feeds, but we provide bulk feed production for farmers desiring feed delivery in bulk quantities. 


AvanCo's Specially Formulated Bagged or Bulk Feed Products

Cattle Feeds

-13%Calf Creep

-13% Calf Creep w/ Dewormer

-15% 50-50

-15% w\ 30 % salt, Salt Mix

-Johnson's Cow Mix

-Show Cattle

-Cattle Fattener

-Super Stock 

-Cow Keeper

-Bull Developer

-16% Starter -Grower

-16% Calf Grower

-Sweet Mag

-High Mag Salt Mix

-Cracked, Whole, and Ground Corn

-Cotton Seed Meal

-Soy Bean Meal

-Whole Oats

-Pink Eye Mineral Mix

-Fescue Amplifier 1 

-Fescue Amplifier 1 & 2 w\ IGR

-Fescue Amplifier 2 (salt limited)

-14-7 Pasture Mineral w\ high mag, Bovatec™, or IGR

Horse Feeds

-AvanCo Super Stock

Poultry Feeds

-Layer Mash

Sheep and Goat Feeds

-Sheep Creep

-AvanCo Sheep and Lamb

-Goat and Kid Developer

-14-7 for Sheep

Swine Feeds

-Hog Grower RCR

-RCR w\ corn


-Deer Mineral

-General Johnson's Salt














We carry the following PURINA products:


            Cattle Feeds

-Fescue -CTC Mineral

            Horse Feeds

-Equine Junior and Senior

-Omelene 200 and 300


-12:12 Horse Mineral

           Dog Foods

-Premier 22

-Canine 21

-Puppy Formula

           Cat Foods

-Cat Formula


-Game Bird Finisher

We carry the following MOORMAN'S products:




       Cattle Feeds

-Fescue Mineral

-IGR Mineral

-Cattle Mineral BT

-Range Booster 8 BT

       Horse Feeds

-Power Glo® Supplement

-Natural Glo® Supplement

-Grostrong 50-50

-Grostrong Quad Block

-Grostrong Block     



We carry the following TINDLE products:


     Cattle Feeds

-14% Range Cubes

-20% Range Cubes

-17% Alfalfa Pellets

-Milk Replacer

-Crimped Oats

-Scratch Grains

-Mag Block

-White, Yellow, and TM Block

     Poultry Feeds

-20% Chicken Grower

-20% Chicken Starter

-Egg Pellets

     Sheep & Goat Feeds

-Sheep and Goat Blocks

     Dog Foods

-Houn' Dawg Dog Food

     Cat Foods

-Diamond Cat Food


-16% Rabbit Pellets

-Tindle Bird Feed

-Sunflower Seeds

-Deer Blocks

-Floating Fish Food

-Diamond Cat Foods

We Offer a Wide Selection of Liquid Feeds:

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e-mail AvanCo Feeds: cowman@cattle-baron.com

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