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Welcome To, we appreciete your business.  We make gourmet meats for those who desire a high quality form of one of America's most popular, best tasting, and healthiest foods.   

               Our company produces some of the highest quality meat products in the world. Our beef jerky is made  of 100% USDA certified beef and pork, and is produced in state of the art equipment under production conditions that exceed USDA regulations.  Located in southern Missouri, we pride ourselves in producing a superior product at an affordable price in the heart of the Ozarks.

What Makes Our Products Better?

1. We use choice cuts of 100% pure beef and pork and include limited amounts of preservatives, in order to produce the best tasting and best textured meat products. Our cooking and drying techniques allow for a product that maintains its palatability while preserving flavor and increasing shelf life.

 2. We handle all of our meats under conditions that exceed USDA regulations. Our food handlers utilize the newest technology in sterile techniques, including surgical masks and latex gloves.

3. Our flavoring recipes are designed to provide gourmet meats to satisfy a variety of different food flavor preferences. We utilize the best ingredients to ensure exceptional quality flavor..




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